How to Turn off Facebook Notification Sounds

Have you noticed that Facebook has started making a lot more noise lately? Facebook is rolling out a new alert system to users that plays a sound when you receive a new notification. If you have a browser tab open, even in the background, a sound will play.
Note: This update only affects users that visit in a browser.

You can turn this off!
Visit your Account Settings by clicking on the gear image to the right of your name and photo at the top of the page. Click on the Notification Settings on the left. “How You Get Notifications” should be the first group of settings that you see:

How You Get Notifications on Facebook

Click the “View” link to the right of “On Facebook” to expand the settings options.

Turn Off Facebook Notification Sound

By default, the “Play a sound” option is checked. Uncheck the box and click ”Save Changes.” You’ll then be free of a little extra noise pollution; at least until the next sound alert rolls out.

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Agents of Change – Optimizing Facebook (Amy Porterfield)

How to Optimize Your Facebook Marketing Efforts: 5 Super Strategies to Build a Quality Fan Base, Attract Lucrative Leads and Increase Revenue

Facebook takes time, effort, patience and trial and error.
Your audience is on Facebook, but they aren’t there to do business with you.
Your job is to bridge the gap between why they’re on Facebook and why you want to connect with them.

Social Media Marketing and Small Business is a match made in heaven. You just need to understand how to make it work for you.

You aren’t on Facebook to sell yourself. What you need to figure out is why you’re on Facebook.

Everytime you create content you want to do at least one of these three things: Educate, Entertain, Empower. Aka E-Cubing.

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Agents of Change – Engagement Marketing (Corissa St. Laurent)

Engagement Marketing: Leveraging Face-to-Face and Digital Experiences to Grow Your Business

#1 Challenges in Business:
New customers
Repeat business from past customers

Social Visibility

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising.
Social media amplifies our voice via word of mouth.

We trust comments and reviews (even from strangers) not marketing.
We have to forget about what marketing is to do marketing today.
We have to forget about putting spin on phrases. Now it’s about conversation, building relationships and engaging with your customers.

Your customers’ friends are your next best prospects.
We run in social circles with people that are similar to us in many facets from interests to income. These leads are relevant your business.
The networking effect is not new, leveraging this network online (and regularly) is what’s new.
You have to make time to do marketing and it has to be part of your regular activities. Continue reading

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Agents of Change – Social Triggers (Derek Halpern)

How to Build a Thriving Audience of Readers and Customers with Social Triggers

Personal recommedations are one of the best and highest converting sales offers out there.

Product Involvement – Customers who are really happy with a product and want to share it with all of their friends.
Self Involvement – The higher the tweet count on an article, the less likely it is to be shared more since this demonstrates following the herd.
Other Involvement

Blogging is one of the best ways to spark word of mouth. Sparks incentive to get others involved.

When you create good qualty content, you’re giving people ammunition to share among their networks. Continue reading

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Agents of Change – Building an App (Elijah Young)

Building an App That Builds Your Business

There are some rules and pitfalls to consider when developing an app. There’s also a difference between building an app and building an app that builds your business.

Start Small.
Don’t think global first. You have to master one place before you can master them all. Start on one platform (i.e. Instagram).
Don’t ever think that you are leaving people out, work on perfecting your product in one place first. If you can’t sell one, you can’t sell one million.

NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement
The problem with being protective of your ideas: if you can’t execute it, it doesn’t matter. Someone else can execute it and they will think of it, too.

An idea is only valuable if it’s executed properly.
Rely on executing well to protect your ideas. It doesn’t matter if you where there first, know that someone is going to copy you and try to make it bettter.

Apps that perform well are very simple and very to the point.
If your app can mimic something in real life, people are more willing to adopt and accept your product. Continue reading

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Agents of Change – Mobile Marketing (Rich Brooks)

Mobile Marketing: How to Get Into Your Customers’ Pants…and Minds

61% of mobile web surfers abandon websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

In less than 2 years, more than half of your web traffic will be from a mobile device. Those visitors will become less tolerant of websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

In the near future you will not need to carry a wallet. Google and Text to Pay are working on this technology. There are apps that store all of your loyalty cards already. Receipts are all emailed. All your photos of your kids are in your smartphone already.

Instagram was recently purchased for $1 billion by Facebook.
YouTube boasts 200 million views on amobile device
Twitter has 165 million active users and more than half are mobile users.

We play games, check news, sports scores, surf the web, find our way around town, in the dark, update social media… we are using our phones constantly. We are all attached to our smart phones.

Two years ago mobile devices outsold personal computers for the first time. But business owners ignore mobile because we don’t want to get involved or learn something new.

People who jump onto and understand the mobile bandwagon will have the competitive edge moving forward.

By 2013 you really need to havea mobile marketing plan. Mobile changes all the time. Websites, apps, QR codes, Microsoft Tag, text messaging… Continue reading

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Agents of Change – Human Interactions in the Digital World (Chris Brogan)

Touch: The Vital Importance of Bringing Human Interactions Into Your Digital Business

We have been told lies: get on Twitter, get on Facebook, start a blog and you’ll have so much money tomorrow.

The minute you see a full-page ad it means business isn’t going well.

When we think we’re doing it wrong, we feel like we have nothing to share or add to the discussion.

If you don’t start with goals, it doesn’t matter what your ideas are.
What is a vision, but a story told out of goals?

Next problem: A platform of value of your own creation.

They don’t sell Twitter at the airport. The reason Chris Brogan writes books is because CEOs and other important job-holders have a takeaway they can digest and revisit. “This guy knows what he’s talking about.”

The right social network to be on is the one where you can tell your story the best way. Continue reading

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Can visitors actually edit my Facebook [Fan] Page information?

Protip: Always Google before you panic.

I was visting a Facebook [Fan] Page today and found an “Edit” button available to me when I clicked on the “Info” tab. So, like anyone with the curiosity of a well-seasoned web user, I clicked the button.

Edit Page Info OptionI suddenly had acces to edit the company’s business information, including website, hours and address. I had that sudden “something isn’t right here” feeling and sent the link to a friend. She had the same reaction.

I thought, ‘Holy crap! Does this business even know what other people can EDIT their information? I should email them!’

Then I thought, ‘Hey wait a second, I have a Fan Page and I’ve never seen such an option before. I should look into this.’
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Workshop 4: Is this even working? – Amanda O’Brien

What am I doing and is this even working?

Taking all the fun out of social media.

You have to run your business! Don’t lose yourself in social media; it doesn’t pay your bills. Social media is a powerful marketing tool because it’s the most measurable marketing tool that we have.

Tie your social media goals into your business goals.
What are you here for?
Short term sales
Engage existing customers
Complementing your other promotional campaigns
Brand awareness
Increasing search-ability
Spreading news/information about your business

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Workshop 3: Building Online Presence – Derek Rice

The 5 Ws of Building and Growing your Online Presence

Who — What — When — Where — Why

Social media is just one part of your overall strategy. It has to be integrated with your online and offline brand.

We’re all doing it wrong, but we’ll get it eventually.

Who: your audience, your influencers
What: your goals, what people are saying
Where: finding your audience
When: launch, frequency, time of day, etc.
Why: measure, listen, etc.

What is an online community?
A collection of all your channels. Social media, website, blog, videos, etc. Be conversational, allow your members to drive, interact with your customers, free research from your followers.

Today there are an overwhelming amount of online communities. They aren’t traditional marketing or advertising or sales-driven or self-centered.

You can’t be everywhere: go where the food is; 80% of social media consumers are on Facebook.

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